Premium Wet Cut Diamond Blade Solutions for Businesses Throughout North America

Wet Cut Diamond BladeIf you’re looking for premium wet cut diamond blade solutions that offer exceptional long-term performance, turn to the varied selection at Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. Since 1969, we’ve served contractors and distributors throughout the United States who are looking for high-performance blades that will deliver the intended results time and time again.
In order to ensure that our wet cut blades provide top-flight performance, we use only the finest blade cores from Western saw, as well as synthetic diamonds from industry-leading companies like Element Six and GE. We have also implemented strict quality control measures throughout every step of our manufacturing process, allowing us to guarantee precision performance from batch to batch. This means that while our wet cut blades should still be utilized carefully and only for appropriate wet-cut applications, workers can feel confident that our products will have the durability and long-wearing performance to never let them down.

In addition to offering top products, we also strive to make the finding the right diamond blade solutions as easy as possible. To this end, we group our high-performance blades into “Good,” “Better” and “Best,” categories, allowing you to rapidly find products that fit your desired performance specs and budgetary requirements. Within these categories, you’ll find blades with a number of different features, including:

For additional information about the wet cut diamond blade products that we offer, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today. Our experienced representatives will help direct you to the nearest dealer, or, if no dealers are located near you, to help you place an order for the blades you need.