Wet Concrete Diamond Blade Solutions Created By Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

Wet Concrete Diamond BladeFor an incredible selection wet concrete diamond blade products that offer superior long-term performance, contractors and distributors throughout the United States know to rely on Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. Ever since we first opened our doors in 1969, we’ve been dedicated to producing high-performance diamond saw blades using the very finest materials available.

We use premium blade cores from Western Saw, along with synthetic diamonds from Element Six and GE. To further ensure that our wet cut solutions provide exceptional performance, we’ve instituted strict quality controls throughout every step of the manufacturing process. In this way, we can guarantee consistent excellence from batch to batch.  This makes our blades easy to use, allowing tool operators to work quickly and safely with a product they know won’t let them down.

We offer numerous lines of wet cutting diamond blades with features ideal for a variety of applications. No matter what type of material you're working on, we can provide an option with the right:

We even offer our high-performance blades in “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” groupings, allowing you to find a blade with the features you require at a price that fits your budget. What’s more, even if there isn’t a Dixie Diamond dealer in your vicinity, we can provide immediate shipping on any products we have in stock.

To learn more about the wet concrete diamond blade products we fabricate, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today. Our experienced representatives will be more than happy to put you in touch with the dealer nearest you or help you to place an order if no dealers are located nearby.