Diamond Turbo Blades for Wet and Dry Cutting Stone, Masonry, Concrete and Other Materials

turbo bladesDixie Diamond Manufacturing is proud to offer a full line of diamond turbo blades that are ideal for working on a wide variety of hard materials. Whether you need to quickly cut brick pavers or demolish concrete walls, we’re sure to have an affordable diamond turbo blade with the ideal bond, thickness and diameter. We have “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” options available, so it’s always easy for our customers to find a diamond saw blade that’s affordable, no matter their budget.

All of our diamond turbo blades are sure to outperform the competition, since they are all made from the best materials, highest quality steel cores and virgin synthetic diamonds. We also manufacture the majority of our blades in our production facility, located in the USA, which is outfitted with the best laser welding equipment in the industry. We’re able to deliver consistent products from batch to batch by maintaining strict quality control standards throughout our manufacturing process. Our customers always know how our diamond blades will perform allowing them to work more quickly and safely.

In addition to turbo blades, Dixie Diamond produces a wide variety of other specialty diamond blade products, including:

For more information on our selection of diamond turbo blades or any of our other high-performance diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond today. Be sure to ask which of our thousands of dealers is closest to you.