Diamond Tile Drill Bits for Available Nationwide from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

tile drill bitsDixie Diamond Manufacturing offers a wide selection of outstanding diamond core drill bits for work on tile, which plumbers, construction workers and remodeling professionals nationwide can rely on when they need superior performance at an affordable price. We use only the finest production equipment and materials, including Western Saw tubes and Element Six or GE super abrasive diamonds, to manufacture our diamond core bits. This means our customers can expect our products to have longer life, deeper diamond depth and faster coring speeds than our competitors’ products. Since we make the vast majority of our products right in our own facility in the U.S.A., we can also provide superior quality control to ensure our products always perform consistently from batch to batch, which gives tool operators who use our diamond core drill bits the confidence they need to work quickly, precisely and safely.

In addition to diamond tile coring drill bits, we also have a wide selection of other tile cutting and core drilling equipment, including:

Our wide selection of products includes “good,” “better” and “best” options that make it easy to find an option that fits your budget. We’re also able to quickly deliver any of the products you need through the thousands of dealers we have located nationwide. Our company even offers same day shipping on in-stock products to any customers outside our dealers’ areas, so no matter where you are you can get our high-quality diamond tools when you need them.

For more information on our selection of diamond core drill bits for tile and our other outstanding products, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.