Diamond Tile Blades for Remodelers, Plumbers and Other Contractors Nationwide

tile bladesAt Dixie Diamond Manufacturing, we’ve provided high-performance diamond tile blades for professionals throughout the construction and remodeling industry since 1969 the highest quality steel cores and top-of-the-line virgin synthetic diamonds in our products and we maintain strict quality control throughout every step of production. The result of these practices is better consistency in our products from batch to batch compared to companies who always order the cheapest materials.

We offer a wide selection of diamond tile saw blades for our customers, with options including:

Our diamond tile saw blades come in several categories: dry cutting; Standard (T70 grade), Budget (t60 Grade) and wet cutting; Premium (t100 grade), Standard (T20 Grade) and Budget (T10 grade), so you can quickly and easily find a product that’s affordable regardless of your budget. No matter which model you choose, you can rest assured it will have faster cutting speeds, long life and higher production than any comparably priced product. Plus, since our company has thousands of dealers across the nation, it’s easy to get our diamond blade products quickly when you need them. We’ll even immediately ship our in-stock products directly to any customer without a dealer in their area.

For more information on our diamond tile blades, diamond concrete saws or any of our other diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.