Diamond Stone Blade Products for Demolition, Construction and Industrial Operations

stone bladeA stone blade from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing is the ideal option whether you’re fabricating high-end counter tops in a factory or cutting down quarried blocks to size. We offer a variety of high-quality diamond saw blades with multiple options that make it easy to find the best product in your price range. Dixie Diamond stone blades can outperform the competition since we use the very best components, like Western Saw cores and Element Six diamonds, along with the best production equipment available. The result of our careful manufacturing process is blades will have tall diamond depths, faster cutting speeds and a longer product life.

In addition to stone blade products, our company has diamond cutting tools for a variety of other applications, including:

We also offer a number of other tools in addition to diamond masonry saw blades, including diamond cup wheels, coring bits and ductile iron blades, so no matter what type of cutting or grinding operations your project requires, we have the products you need to cut and grind the most durable materials. With thousands of dealers located nationwide and same-day shipping available for all of our in-stock products, it’s easy to get the right Dixie Diamond stone blade or other tool for any job quickly.

To find out more about our selection of stone blade products or any of our other specialty cutting tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing or your closest Dixie Diamond dealer.