Diamond Masonry Saw Blade Products for Contractors Nationwide from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

masonry saw bladeWhen you need a high-quality diamond masonry saw blade for demolition, repair or construction projects, there’s no beating the value you get when you buy a blade made by Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. We carefully select the best materials for our products, like Western Saw cores and GE super abrasive diamonds, and then use the very best production equipment on the market to manufacture blades with deeper diamond depths, faster cutting speeds and longer life than the options our competitors offer. Our diamond saw blades also have more consistency from batch to batch, since we manufacture the vast majority in our own facility here in the U.S.A., where we have a robust quality control system in place.

We have “good,” “better” and “best” products, so you can always find a diamond masonry saw blade from Dixie Diamond that fits your budget. A few of the various masonry blades we offer include:

In addition to having the perfect diamond masonry saw blade for any project, Dixie Diamond also manufactures specialty blades like ring saw blades and tuck pointing blades. No matter what type of job you’re taking on, there will be a Dixie Diamond product that can provide the performance you need. Our diamond cutting tools are also easy to find wherever you’re located, since we have thousands of dealers nationwide and offer same-day shipping on in-stock products to customers outside our dealers’ areas.

So when you want to find the right diamond masonry saw blade for you next project at an affordable price, be sure to contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing or your nearest Dixie Diamond dealer.