Masonry Core Drill Bits from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

masonry drill bitsMasonry core drill bits from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing provide the high-level performance contractors and other professionals required for an affordable price. Our company has been manufacturing superior diamond tools right here in the U.S.A. since 1969, and our commitment to the quality of products is unmatched in the industry. We use strict quality control throughout the entire production process, ensuring our masonry core drill bits and other products offer consistent performance from batch to batch. Dixie Diamond also chooses the best materials such as Western Saw tool cores and Element Six super abrasive diamonds so our diamond cutting tools have faster cutting speeds and a longer product life that our competitors’ products.

In addition to masonry bits, we have diamond core bits and other diamond tools designed for work on a number of other durable materials, including:

We even have multi-purpose core bits which are ideal for service provides such as plumbers and electricians who may need to work on a wide variety of materials from day to day. No matter what type of core bit you need, we offer multiple options that make finding a tool in your price range easy. Plus, with thousands of dealers located all across the United States and same-day shipping available on in-stock products, it’s incredibly easy to get the tool you need quickly.

To find out more about our masonry core drill bits, masonry blades or any of the other high-performance diamond cutting tools we offer, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing or your nearest DDM dealer today.