Diamond Masonry Core Bit and Blade Products from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

masonry bitA diamond masonry core bit or blade needs to be not only tough, but also well made to produce the clean cuts that your projects demand.  While there are many diamond cutting tools available for masonry projects, the blades, wires, cup wheels and core bits from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing are the smart choice when you want the most for your money. We make it a point to provide our customers with products that offer dependable performance. Quality control is strictly monitored throughout our entire manufacturing process to ensure our cutting tools are consistently among the best available. You’ll find that a Dixie Diamond masonry core bit or blade has better diamond depth, higher cutting speed and a longer life than a competitively priced diamond tool from another company. This means that using our products can allow you to get your work done safer, faster and more cost efficiently.

In addition to blade and bit products for masonry work, we have cutting tools designed for other materials, including:

All of our tools come in “good,” “better” and “best” options so you’re sure to find an affordable product that fits your budget. Plus, with more than 750 distributors in 35 states and the ability to ship anywhere nationwide, our diamond masonry core bit and blade products are easy to find no matter where you’re located.

For more information on which Dixie Diamond masonry core drill bit, cutting wire or saw blade is right for your operations, contact us or your nearest distributor today.