Diamond Wire for Industrial Wire Saws in Operations Nationwide

diamond wireProfessional concrete cutters who need high-quality diamond wire for their wire saws can rely on Dixie Diamond for the best products available. We’ve been fabricating diamond tools right here in the USA since 1969, and take pride in operating a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes industry-best manufacturing techniques and quality control practices. Our company can provide diamond wire and other diamond cutting tools that not only have improved performance, but also greater consistency from order to order, so our customers will be able to work with confidence knowing exactly how our products will perform.

In addition to diamond wire, our company offers a wide variety of other diamond tools including:

Many of our product lines are offered in “Good,” “Better” and “Best” varieties, so it’s always easy to find a product that’s affordable on your budget. We have thousands of dealers located all across the nation, which makes it easy for customers to find our products quickly no matter where they live and work. In the rare case a customer doesn’t have a dealer close by, we’re happy to provide immediate shipping on any of our in-stock products so that they can get to the diamond tool they need with minimal delay.

For more information on getting a diamond wire for your wire saw or any of our other high-performance diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond manufacturing today.