Diamond Saw Blades Available for Contractors and Industrial Operations Nationwide

diamond-sawDiamond saw blades from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing are among the most affordable and high-performance options available today, making them the ideal choice for any business, large or small. Since 1969, we’ve been making diamond blades using the latest production techniques and equipment, so you can rest assured we know how to make blades that provide exceptional performance.

By using the very best raw materials like diamonds from GE and Element Six and cores from Western Saw, we produce saw blades that wear more slowly, offer higher blade life and have a taller diamond depth than diamond blades from our competitors. Plus, we can ensure a far higher level of craftsmanship and consistency than companies who produce their blades overseas. Since we manufacture our diamond blades domestically, in our own facility, using the strictest quality control measures creates higher performance. This ensures that from batch to batch our products always perform the same, giving tool operators the confidence they need to work quickly and safely with no surprises.

In fact, we produce a wide variety of diamond saw blades with options to suit nearly any material, including:

Though many customers expect our diamond saw blades to be exceptionally expensive, they’re pleasantly surprised to find that our products are all competitively priced. We even offer “good,” “better” and “best” options to ensure our customers can get the high-performance blade they need on any budget.

For more information on our diamond saw blades, or any of our other diamond tools including coring bits, grinding wheels and more, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.