Diamond Saw Blade Products for Contractors and Other Construction Professionals Nationwide

diamond saw bladeWhen construction professionals need the best diamond saw blade for their project, they can always rely on Dixie Diamond for the perfect mix of performance and affordability. We offer a wide range of diamond blades for work on many of the toughest materials, including concrete, asphalt, masonry and stone. Since 1969, we have chosen the best Western Saw cores and Elements Six or GE diamonds for our blades, and assembled them right here in the U.S.A. using the best production equipment available. This allows us to produce diamond blades with longer life, higher diamond depths and faster cutting speeds. We also utilize the most modern and thorough quality control techniques in the industry so that our diamond blades have unrivaled consistency, which gives saw operators the confidence they need to work quickly and safely using our products.

In addition to our traditional diamond saw blade products, we also manufacture a variety of specialty saw tools including:

Many of our different products are offered in “good,” “better” and “best” varieties to make it easy to choose not only the right type of blade but also a price that works for you. Plus, Dixie Diamond’s blades are easy to find no matter where you’re located, since we have thousands of dealers nationwide and can offer immediate shipping on all of our in-stock products to customers without a dealer in their area.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our diamond saw blade products or find out where your nearest Dixie Diamond dealer can be found, contact us today.