Diamond Hole Saw Options for Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians and Other Professionals

diamond hole sawIf you need a diamond hole saw for cutting drywall, asphalt, brick, concrete or any other durable materials, you’ll find incredible products to suit your needs available from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. Using top-quality materials and advanced laser sintering machines, we manufacture high-performance diamond core bits that simply outperform all comparably priced alternatives. The materials and manufacturing techniques we use result in products with higher coring speeds, longer life, and ensure incredible consistency from batch to batch. You can rest assured that every time you choose diamond core bit products from Dixie Diamond, you’ll always get the same incredible value.

In addition to having the diamond hole saw with the features you need, Dixie Diamond Manufacturing can supply a range of other core drilling equipment for your project. From basic hand-held core drills to high-performance drilling rigs, there’s sure to be an option in our selection that will allow you to work precisely and efficiently. We also offer quick change systems, bit extensions and bit adaptors, all of which can improve the versatility of your coring equipment.

We have thousands of dealers nationwide, and are happy to provide immediate shipment for any in-stock products to customers without a dealer in their area. Apart from core bits and drilling equipment, our inventory includes a wide variety of other products, such as:

For more information on our diamond hole saw products, or any of our other diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. Be sure to ask which of our thousands of dealers is closest to you.