Diamond Grinding Tools for Construction, Renovation and Demolition Professionals Nationwide

diamond grindingProfessional contractors nationwide trust in Dixie Diamond Manufacturing’s diamond grinding tools to strip, feather, texture, polish and level surfaces on a wide variety of durable materials. Our CGH line of grinding heads includes a number of standard 10” diameter grinding wheels, which can fit nearly any floor grinder thanks to precut holes for 25/64” countersunk, 3/8”-24 machine thread and 3/4” arbor connections. We offer both 10- and 20-segment models, with bonds for either medium to hard cured concrete or general abrasive surfaces. We also offer diamond grinding shoe inserts, sold both individually and in packages of six, that make an affordable replacement for shoes and bridges on many floor grinders.

We also have a full range of diamond cup wheel products with options including:

Our strict quality control measures also help to ensure that our products remain consistent from batch to batch, which means tool operators can rely on our diamond grinding products to work quickly and safely time after time.

To find out more about our diamond grinding wheels or diamond cutting tools, contact Dixie Diamond today. Remember to ask which of our thousands of dealers is closest to you.