Diamond Grinding Wheels for Striping, Resurfacing and Other Operations

diamond grinding wheelsDixie Diamond Manufacturing is proud to be a leading source for diamond grinding wheels for construction, remodeling and demolition professionals nationwide. We’ve designed our products so that they’re not only easy to use but also have superior performance and longer life compared to any competing products. Plus, our customers will never have to wonder how a batch of our products will perform, because we use modern, strict quality control processes to ensure our items are completely consistent from batch to batch.

Our diamond grinding wheels have several features to ensure that they are ideal for your project, including:

For hand-held grinders, we also offer a selection of diamond cup wheel products. These are available in standard 4”, 5” and 7” sizes with 1-row, 2-row, spiral and turbo segment designs, so it’s always easy to find a product with the features that your project requires. Plus with “Economy,” “Standard,” and “Premium” lines, you’re sure to find a cup wheel that’s affordable for nearly any budget.

For more information on our diamond grinding wheels and diamond cup wheels, or any of our diamond wire and other diamond cutting products, contact Dixie Diamond or your nearest dealer today.