Get the Ideal Diamond Blade to Cut Asphalt, Stone, Tile or Any Other Material from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

diamond cut bladeWhen you need to cut heavy-duty materials, a diamond blade from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing is the perfect tool for the job. From cutting concrete sidewalks and asphalt roadways to bathroom tiles and yard pavers, our wide selection of diamond blade products includes options that are ideally suited for any project. We use the highest quality materials, like Element Six and GE super abrasive diamonds as well as Western Saw cores, which give our diamond blades longer life and faster cutting speeds than our competitors’ products. The majority of our Dixie Diamond blades are manufactured in our own facility here in the U.S.A. where we have the best production equipment available, as well as industry-leading quality control techniques to keep our products more consistent from batch to batch than other manufacturers.

In addition to diamond blades for specific materials, we have a wide variety of specialty diamond saw blades, including:

In addition to offering the best diamond saw blade to cut any type of material, our company also manufactures all the other diamond cutting or grinding tools you’ll require for your project.  We have high-quality diamond core drill bits, diamond cup wheels, and grinding heads, all of which provide the same outstanding performance and are made with the same care as our saw blades.

So when you need a diamond blade to cut any heavy-duty building material, be sure to contact us and find your nearest Dixie Diamond dealer.