Diamond Cup Wheel Products for Grinding and Polishing Stone, Concrete and Other Durable Materials

diamond cup wheelDixie Diamond Manufacturing offers affordable, high-quality diamond cup wheel products that simply outperform and outlast competing products. Plus, since we offer “Economy,” “Standard” and “Premium” lines, it’s easy to find an option that fits in your budget.

No matter what type of grinder you’re using or material you’re finishing, we’re sure to have an appropriate diamond cup wheel for the job, with features including:

In addition to diamond cup wheels for polishing, we also offer diamond grinding wheels and grinding shoe inserts. Our grinding heads come in 10- and 20-segment varieties with bonds for cured concrete and abrasive materials. These diamond grinding heads all come with holes for 3/8”-24 machine thread, 25/64” countersunk and 3/4” arbor connections, so they can easily fit most floor grinding machines.

For more information on which Dixie Diamond cup wheel or grinding wheel is best for your project contact us today or visit any of our thousands of dealers located nationwide.