Diamond Core Bits for Construction Contractors and Other Professionals

diamond core bitsFor diamond core bits that provide superior performance for an affordable price, there’s no beating the options from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. We produce our core drilling bits and other cutting tools using the very best equipment and materials, such as GE super abrasive diamonds and Western Saw bit cores. This results in superior tools with faster coring speeds and longer product life. We also ensure an unmatched level of consistency from batch to batch by manufacturing our bits at our own facility located right here in the U.S.A., where we have a strict quality-control program in place. In the end, the superior level of performance and consistent craftsmanship of our bits gives tool operators the confidence they need to complete their projects quickly and safely.

Whether you’re working in homes, roadways, commercial structures or any other location, Dixie Diamond is sure to have a diamond coring bit that’s suitable for your operations, with options specially designed for:

In fact, we offer a wide range of diamond grinding and cutting tools in addition to diamond core bits, including diamond wires, diamond blades and cup wheels. With good, better and best options in each of these categories, you can always count on finding a product that fits in your budget. We even have thousand of dealers located nationwide, so it’s easy to find our high-quality tools no matter where you’re located.

For more information on our selection of diamond core bits and other diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond or your local dealer today.