Premium Diamond Core Bits Available for Businesses Throughout the United States

Diamond Core BitsWhen contractors and industrial businesses throughout the United Sates need diamond core bits, they can turn to the exceptional selection available at Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. We manufacture our diamond drill bits using the finest materials available anywhere, including synthetic abrasive diamonds from industry leaders like GE and Element Six. This ensures that they will be exceptionally durable and able to perform at higher cutting speeds with less evidence of long-term wear and tear. What’s more, we assemble our core bits in our facility right here in the U.S., and have implemented strict quality control procedures throughout our assembly process. This allows us to maintain exceptionally high standards and ensures that our core bits will display consistently outstanding performance from batch to batch, surpassing that of virtually all foreign manufacturers.

Additionally, we offer an immense selection of diamond core bits, including products optimized for work on a wide variety of aggregates and for a number of applications. Our options include:

Since we group each of these types of core bits into “Good,” “Better,” and “Best,” categories, you’ll be able to efficiently browse our large inventory and find the products that suit your budget and desired price range. Plus, our team of experienced representatives will always be on hand to further assist you with finding exactly the core bits and cutting tools you require.

For more information about the diamond core bits we produce, or to inquire about any of our other diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.