Diamond Core Bit Options for a Variety of Materials Available to Professionals Nationwide

diamond core bitWhen you need a diamond core bit that’s both affordable and ideally suited to your unique project, you can be confident that Dixie Diamond Manufacturing will have the product you need at an affordable price. Using the best materials available, our company produces a wide range of drilling bits with features optimized for work on a variety of materials. Whether you’re creating manholes through asphalt roadways or running pipes through masonry walls, our dealers and consultants can direct you to a diamond hole saw that will allow you to work efficiently.

Some of the many different options we offer for our diamond core bit products include:

All of our diamond core bits are made from the highest quality materials including virgin synthetic diamonds, which give them longer life than our competitor’s products. Our company utilizes strict quality control procedures to maintain consistency in our products from batch to batch, which allows our customers to work quickly and precisely with confidence in how our products will perform. Dixie Diamond also offers many of our bits in “Good,” “Better” and “Best” varieties, making our products affordable on nearly any budget.

To find out more about which Dixie Diamond core bit is best suited to your next project, contact us today. Be sure to ask about the Dixie Diamond dealer closest to you.