Multi-Purpose Diamond Blades, Core Bits and Other Diamond Tools for Contractors Nationwide

diamond bladesContractors know that having reliable multi-purpose diamond blades and core bits is crucial if your project requires work on a variety of heavy duty construction materials. Whether you’re going to be installing tile floors and stone countertops in a residential kitchen or tearing up asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks to repair buried utility lines, you’re sure to find the high-performance diamond tools you need at affordable prices when you choose products from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. We manufacture the vast majority of our diamonds saw blades and other tools here in the USA to ensure outstanding craftsmanship and strict quality control procedures. We also select the highest quality materials for our tools including cores from Western Saw and super abrasive diamonds from Element Six and GE.

The end result is superior diamond blades, core bits, cup wheels and other tools that:

This means tool operators know exactly how our products will perform, so they can work safely and quickly with no surprises. Dixie Diamond’s multi-purpose tools can also help keep project costs down thanks to our competitive prices and the “good,” “better” and “best” options that we offer to ensure there’s a diamond blade to fit any price range.

For more information on our selection of diamond saw blades, diamond coring bits and other multi-purpose diamond tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.