Find the Ideal Diamond Blade for Projects in Denver, CO at Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

diamond blade DenverDixie Diamond Manufacturing is proud to provide Denver business with high-performance diamond blade products designed for a wide range of construction, demolition and maintenance applications. Since 1969, we’ve manufactured diamond cutting tools with features designed for work on concrete, asphalt, brick, tile and other durable aggregates. Our selection includes a variety of products lines in “Good,” “Better” and “Best” categories, so there’s sure to be an option for your project in our selection that’s available at an affordable price.

In addition to traditional segmented diamond blades, we also offer a variety of specialized blade designs, including:

We manufacture the majority of our products at our own facility located here in the U.S.A., which allows us to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained throughout our manufacturing process. The diamond blade products we offer Denver businesses have longer life and higher cutting speeds, because we always use the best saw cores and virgin synthetic diamonds for our products. We also maintain consistency in our products from batch to batch, so tool operators can work quickly and safely knowing how our blades will perform in their work time after time.

For more information on the benefits of choosing a Dixie Diamond blade for your Denver area projects, contact us today. We have thousands of dealers located nationwide, and will be happy to connect you with the one closet to you.