Diamond Blade Products for Virginia Beach, VA Area Professionals

diamond blade Virginia BeachWhen you need a high-performance diamond blade for work in Virginia Beach, then you’ll want to find your local Dixie Diamond Manufacturing dealer. There you can find a selection of outstanding diamond tools that can consistently outperform any comparably priced product. Our company manufactures an incredible variety of diamond blades here in the USA using high-quality saw cores and industrial-grade synthetic diamonds. We have invested in some of the most advanced laser sintering equipment available, which allows us to make products with longer lives and higher cutting speeds. Additionally, we’ve been manufacturing these products since 1969 and have developed a comprehensive quality control program, so we can ensure our products remain consistent from batch to batch.

Whether you’re going to be tearing up roadways, cutting pavers or installing tiles, we have an item with the features you need. Our blades are available with continuous rim, turbo and segmented designs, with diameters from less than 10” to more than 36”. We also have specialty diamond blades, such as tuck pointing blades, ring saw blades, demolition blades and pipe cutters. Our selection of bonds includes options suitable for a wide range of different durable materials.

You can also rely on Dixie Diamond to supply the other diamond tool you need for your work, including:

For more information on our selection of diamond blade products for Virginia Beach, VA professionals, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.