Diamond Blade Options for Phoenix, AZ Area Construction, Demolition and Remodeling Professionals

diamond blade PhoenixDixie Diamond Manufacturing is proud to supply exceptional diamond blade product to Phoenix area professionals working on a wide range of materials. Our company has been manufacturing products in the USA since 1969, and has developed a number of products lines with options suitable for any project. Whether you need a 36” asphalt overlay blade for work on runways or a small 4” diamond tile blade for bathroom remodeling, our consultants and dealers can help you find the perfect option for you. You can also rely on Dixie Diamond to provide products that are affordable, since we have many different options in “Good,” “Better” and “Best” categories.

No matter which type of Dixie Diamond blade you choose, you can rely on it to provide superior performance because we use outstanding materials and production practices. Our blades are made from the best saw cores and diamonds available using some of the most advanced laser sintering equipment on the market. These result in high-quality products with longer lives and higher cutting speeds. We also use a strict quality control program to ensure our products are consistent from batch to batch.

In addition to supplying the ideal diamond blade for your Phoenix area project, Dixie Diamond offers high-performance diamond saws that will allow you to maximize the performance of our diamond tools. These high-quality tools include:

For more information on our selection of diamond blade products for Phoenix area professionals or where you can find your nearest dealer, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.