Dixie Diamond Blade Products for Miami, FL Businesses and Professionals

diamond blade MiamiDixie Diamond Manufacturing’s dealers offer a wide selection of diamond blade products for Miami area businesses and professionals. Since 1969, our products have been utilized for demolition, construction and maintenance projects throughout the area. Whether you’re working on asphalt, masonry, pavers, tile or any other hard aggregate material, you can count on Dixie Diamond to have the ideal diamond circular saw blades for any project you undertake. When you shop our broad selection, you can choose from a wide range of diamond circular saw blades, with various bonds and diamond depths, and sizes ranging from less than 10” to more than 36”. We also have specialty blade designs, including ring saw blades, demolition blades, ductile iron blades and continuous rim tile saw blades.

No matter what type of diamond blade your Miami area project requires, when you choose products from Dixie Diamond you’ll receive high-quality tools that can outperform any comparably priced alternative. This is thanks to a number of features, including:

With dealers located throughout Miami, the rest of Florida and across the U.S.A., you can always rely on quickly finding our products when you need them. Dixie Diamond will even immediately ship any product we have in stock if there isn’t a dealer close to your business, so you can get to work fast.

For more information on our selection of products or to find your closest Dixie Diamond blade dealer in Miami, contact us today.