Diamond Blade Products for Las Vegas, Henderson, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley and All Surrounding NV Communities

diamond blade Las VegasWhen you need a diamond blade for work in Las Vegas, NV, the best source for the high-quality products you need is your local Dixie Diamond Manufacturing dealer. There you can find an incredible selection of diamond blades made from top-of-the-line saw cores and industrial grade diamonds. These exceptional materials allow us to produce diamond blades with higher cutting speeds and longer life, ensuring they can outperform any comparably priced competitor’s product. We have also outfitted our production facility with advanced laser sintering equipment and implemented a strict quality control program, which helps us maintain consistency in our diamond blade products from batch to batch.

Some of the many different features available for our diamond blades include:

In addition to diamond cutting blades with these exceptional features, we offer an extensive range of other high-quality diamond tools, such as coring bits, grinding heads, cup wheels and more. Many of our diamond saw blades and other tools are available in “Good,” “Better” and “Best” products lines, so it’s easy to find an option with the features you need at a price you can afford. Dixie Diamond also carries a wide array of diamond table saws, walk-behind saws, hand-held core drills and core drilling rigs, all of which complement our first-rate cutting tools.

For more information on our products, or where to find your nearest Dixie Diamond blade dealer in Las Vegas, NV or any other nearby community, contact us today.