Diamond Blade Products for Dallas, TX and Other Cities from Coast to Coast

diamond blade DallasPlumbers, electricians, contractors and other professionals in Dallas rely on diamond blade products from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing to cut concrete, refractory, masonry, asphalt, tile and a wide range of other durable materials. Since 1969, we’ve produced an extensive selection of diamond saw blades at our state-of-the-art facility located here in the heart of the U.S.A. Our highly skilled technicians use the best laser welding equipment and strict quality control measures to create products that perform consistently from batch to batch. Dixie Diamond also selects the best saw cores and virgin synthetic diamonds for our products, so they are capable of higher cutting speeds and have longer lives than competing products.

In addition to our traditional diamond blade options for Dallas professionals, we offer a range of specialty diamond cutting tools, including:

At Dixie Diamond, we make all of our products accessible to our customers through our many dealers located from coast to coast, so it’s easy to get the diamond tool you need for your project quickly. Our company also has a wide selection of diamond saws, including stand saws for masonry and tile, walk behind saws and electric hand saws. All of these products include a wide range of features that allow you to get the highest level of performance from our blades and make it easy to complete your projects efficiently.

For more information about our diamond blades and diamond saws, or where to find your nearest Dixie Diamond blade dealer in the Dallas Metro area, contact us today.