Diamond Blade Tools for Charlotte, NC Area Construction, Remodeling and Demolition Products

diamond blade CharlotteMany contractors, remodelers and other professionals throughout Charlotte, NC rely on diamond blade products from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing when they need to cut a wide range of durable materials. We offer products with bonds specialized for everything from concrete and asphalt to stone and tile, and blade diameters ranging from less than 10” to more than 30”. In fact, we offer specialized designs with features including slant segments for undercut protection and anchor slots to prevent core cracking. So whether you’re repaving roadways, remodeling kitchens or installing pools, our selection has the items you need. With “Good,” “Better” and “Best” product lines available, it’s also easy to find an option at a price point that’s right for you.

By choosing Dixie Diamond products, you’ll also be ensuring you receive a diamond tipped blade that will outperform comparably priced products. We’ve invested in advanced laser sintering equipment and select high-quality saw cores and synthetic diamonds. This allows us to fabricate diamond tools with higher cutting speeds and longer life. Our products are also incredibly consistent from batch to batch, since we use modern quality control techniques throughout our production process.

In addition to diamond blade products, Charlotte area professionals can find many other diamond tools in our selection, including:

To learn more about our selection of products or to find your nearest Dixie Diamond blade dealer in Charlotte, NC or any surrounding community, contact us today.