Diamond Coring Bits for Wet Cutting, Dry Cutting and Other Applications Nationwide

coring bitsDiamond coring bits are some of the most important tools in modern construction and fabrication, so it’s important for industrial businesses to find a reliable supplier with quality diamond bits. Doing so can help ensure the efficiency of your cutting operations and the safety of your tool operators. With Dixie Diamond Manufacturing as your partner for diamond cutting tools, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the high performance coring bits and blades you need.

We were founded in 1969 and are proud to maintain one of the most advanced production facilities in the industry. We utilize technologically advanced laser welding machines to produce our diamond tools and use the best Western Saw cores and GE super abrasive diamonds as well.  This allows us to offer coring bits with superior diamond depth, longer tool life and higher cutting speeds. We also follow a comprehensive quality control process in our Lilburn, GA facility, which ensures that the bits and blades you purchase from us will perform consistently time and time again. That means your tool operators will always know how our diamond core bits will respond and can get their work done with no surprises.

We have coring bits for a wide variety of operations including:

Whether you’re a residential plumber who needs a few small diamond coring bits to keep in your truck or a foundation repair contractor who goes through cases of diamond bits while installing piles, we can provide you with the right product or products for your operations.

For more information on our selection of coring bits, diamond saw blades and other diamond cutting tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.