Core Drilling Equipment for Construction, Maintenance and Demolition Professionals Nationwide

core drilling equipmentDixie Diamond Manufacturing is proud to offer a wide selection of core drilling equipment for professionals nationwide. Whether you’re in search of reliable hand-held diamond core drills, heavy-duty drill stands or diamond core bits for any type of material, from tile drill bits to stone coring bits, we have all of the products you need for any type of wet or dry coring operations. We specialize in manufacturing a wide selection of diamond core bits, which are all made using the best Western Saw tubes and GE or Element Six diamonds to ensure they have longer life and faster cutting speeds than other products. Our company also takes pride in manufacturing our core drill bits in the U.S.A. where we utilize state-of-the-art quality control techniques to keep our products far more consistent than those that come from plants overseas.

Our coring hand drills come from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Cardi, and include a variety of features such as electronic clutches, 15 amp motors, 1-1/4” to 5/8” adapters, and up to 3 speed options, so they deliver outstanding performance. We also offer mobile drilling equipment utilizing a 20 amp Milwaukee drill motor with dual switch control, leveling screws, a ceiling jack and an optional Gast vacuum pump.

In addition to diamond core drilling equipment, we also have a wider variety of other products for our customers, including:

For more information on our selection of diamond core drilling equipment, or any of our other tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.