Core Drilling Bits for Asphalt, Masonry, Concrete and Other Materials

core drilling bitsAt Dixie Diamond Manufacturing, we produce some of the highest quality diamond core drilling bits available on the market, with options well suited to a wide range of applications. Using the very best manufacturing techniques, equipment and materials, we produce bits with faster cutting speeds and longer product life than our competitors’ products. Additionally, we operate our own facility in Lilburn, GA, where we can ensure our manufacturing is done to the highest standards. This keeps our diamond core bits bits consistent from batch to batch unlike products from the many tool companies who outsource to the cheapest overseas factory they can find. While many customers expect they’ll need to pay a premium for our superior tools, we have good, better and best options that make it easy to find an affordable Dixie Diamond product in any price range.

We also have coring bits designed for work on a variety of building materials including:

Dixie Diamond even has multi-purpose diamond drill bits for wet and dry core drilling, which are ideal for service professionals such as electricians and plumbers who may need to work on a variety of different materials on short notice. No matter which of our high-performance core drilling bits are right for your operations, it’s always easy to find our products since we have thousands of dealers located nationwide and offer same-day shipping for a wide variety of stock products.

For more information on our selection of diamond core drilling bits, or any of our other diamond tools, including diamond blades, diamond wire, and diamond cup wheels, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.