Diamond Core Bit Products Available Nationwide from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

core bitAt Dixie Diamond Manufacturing, we take pride in producing diamond core bit products that offer customers superior performance at an affordable price. All of our diamond drill bits and other cutting tools are produced using the very best materials available, such as Western Saw cores and Element Six abrasive diamonds, to ensure they will be exceptionally durable. We also have our facility outfitted with the best production equipment available so we can create diamond drill bits that have superior diamond depth and higher safe speeds. You’ll also find that the strict quality control used in our domestically located facility ensures our coring bits have more consistent performance than those from foreign manufacturers who can’t match our high standards.

We manufacture core bit products that are ideal for work on a wide variety of materials, with options including:

Whichever diamond core bit types suit your projects, Dixie Diamond offers “good,” “better” and “best” options, which make our outstanding products affordable on nearly any budget. Best of all, finding our affordable diamond tools is extremely easy thanks to the more than thousands of dealers we have located throughout the United States and the same-day shipping we provide for many stock items.

To find out more about our diamond core bit products, or any of our diamond blades and other cutting tools, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today.