Order an Asphalt Core Drill Bit for Your Business from Dixie Diamond Manufacturing

Asphalt Core Drill BitIf your business is looking for asphalt core drill bit solutions of superior quality, there’s no better company to rely on than Dixie Diamond Manufacturing. We manufacture a wide variety of diamond drill bits and blades, and our truly massive inventory is sure to contain drill bits that are ideal for your intended project. Despite our wide range of options and large production volume, we can keep overall quality incredibly high thanks to a few key factors. For starters, all of our asphalt drill bits are produced in our advanced facility right here in the U.S., and we’ve implemented strict quality control measures throughout each step of the assembly process to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch. What’s more, we use only the finest materials in the production of our drill bits, including synthetic abrasive materials from industry-leading companies like GE and Element Six. This ensures that our bits will be able to perform at higher speeds for more sustained periods without suffering from wear and tear, enabling superior long term performance.

Plus, the buying experience at Dixie Diamond Manufacturing is user-friendly as well. We’ve grouped our entire selection of products into “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” categories, helping you to find products that are within your desired price range and performance specifications. If you need further assistance, our knowledgeable representatives:

For more information about our selection of asphalt core drill bit products, contact Dixie Diamond Manufacturing today. When you call, we will be happy to help you find our nearest local dealer, or in the event that none are nearby, help you place an order for your drill bits.